Brazil Metalurgia Exhibition For 2021

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Brazil Metalurgia Exhibition For 2021

Brazil Metalurgia Exhibition For 2021

The Brazilian International Foundry Fair was founded in 1998 at the Noinvili Convention and Exhibition Centre by Brazilian Exhibition Promotion LTD. Today, the exhibition has already become the largest foundry equipment, raw materials and castings exhibition in Latin America. The fair is held every two years. Among them, the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan all participate in the exhibition in the form of national delegations, and overseas exhibitors account for 33% of the total exhibition area. Foundry equipment manufacturers’ associations such as AMAFOND of Italy and CISA of the United States all organized groups to participate in the exhibition. The last exhibition attracted a total of 247 exhibitors and 21102 professional visitors, with a year-on-year growth of 18.9%. The professionalism of the audience (mainly entrepreneurs, managers, customers and technicians) is one of the highlights of the exhibition.

Exhibition Information

Name : Metalurgia

Exhibition Date: September 00, 2021-September 00, 2021

Venue: Joinville Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: once a year


Industry attributes

Metal processing and welding process

Range Exhibition

Casting machinery and equipment, casting materials, casting technology, various castings, gray castings, ductile castings, malleable castings, steel castings, alloy castings, environmental protection, related services, related accessories, technology, metallurgical equipment, metallurgical materials, Metallurgical process, metallurgical related accessories, forging equipment, forging process, forging process, forging materials, forging materials, stamping parts, forging products, surface treatment, related tools, repair tools, industrial safety, engineering automation, etc.

Market Background

Brazil, as a major iron ore producer in the world, has unique conditions for the development of its foundry industry. As the seventh largest casting producer in the world, its output exceeds that of Spain, France and Italy in Europe. Under the current financial crisis, Chinese companies are finding their way and thinking of ways. For export-oriented enterprises, under the circumstance that the traditional European and American markets are shrinking day by day, it is a beneficial attempt to open up markets in emerging countries. This exhibition is one of the best choices for my country’s foundry and casting related enterprises to understand the changes in the international market, display our castings and related products, open up the international market, and increase the export of my country’s castings and casting materials.

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