HK Global Sources Electronics For 2021

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HK Global Sources Electronics For 2021

HK Global Sources Electronics For 2021

The Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show will be held from April 11, 2021 to April 14, 2021, displaying 3,700 booths of consumer electronics, VR and gaming equipment, electronic components and smart life products. In addition to a wide range of products, the exhibition specially launched an experience and demonstration zone, professional seminars and Asia’s largest electronics start-up event-Makerspace, to help you grasp the latest technology and industry trends.

The second phase of the Global Sources Electronics Show-Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show will be held from October 18-21, displaying 2,700 booths of smartphones, tablets, wearable products and accessories.

The scale of the last exhibition: 3,700 exhibitors and 33,351 visitors.

Exhibition Information

Name: global sources electronics

Exhibition Date: April 11, 2021-April 14, 2021

Exhibition location: Hong Kong, China

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Organizer: Global Sources

Industry attributes

Home electronic multimedia products

Range Exhibition

Home electronic products; audio-visual products, health and wellness, home electronic products and accessories;

VR and gaming equipment;

Outdoor electronic products; drones and robots, electric vehicles and balance bikes, outdoor electronic products, outdoor photography products;

Computer products and accessories; computer luggage products, computer cables and power supplies, computer systems and peripheral products, network products;

Car electronics; car electronics, global positioning system, car electronics;

Commercial electronic products; communication equipment, digital signage and display technology zone;

Market Background

Hong Kong’s exports of electronic products to the United States are booming, and exports to the EU have also continued to grow. Hong Kong’s electronic component companies are capable of providing tailor-made products and overall solutions for well-known companies in the United States, Europe and Japan, such as computer parts, radio frequency modules for telecommunications and chipsets for LCD modules . At the same time, standard components are generally shipped directly to distributors and manufacturers in overseas markets, and some Hong Kong companies also have their own marketing offices and/or representative offices in Mainland China and other overseas markets. It is especially important that Hong Kong is an important electronic component trading hub in the Asia-Pacific region. Many products from the United States, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are re-exported to mainland China via Hong Kong, and vice versa.

Many multinational component manufacturers have offices in Hong Kong and engage in sales, distribution and procurement activities in the region. Many Hong Kong companies sell their own branded electronic products, such as Truly, V-Tech, GroupSense, Venturer, GP and ACL. Their sales network not only covers advanced countries, but also throughout Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. According to statistics from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, in 2016, the trade surplus between Hong Kong and the Mainland was US$41.07 billion, an increase of 38.4%. As of December, the Chinese mainland is Hong Kong’s largest trading partner, ranking first in Hong Kong’s export destination and import source.

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