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Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Delixi Group Co.,Ltd is one of the three Delixi Group advanced manufacturing base, one of the largest instrument and electric power automation production base ……


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Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Delixi Group Co., Ltd. is one of the three advanced manufacturing bases of Delixi and one of the largest hi-tech industrial bases of instrumentation and automation in China. The company includes seven leading industries, including household electrical, watt hour meter, frequency converter, three-way catalytic converter, transmitter, automation, capacitor, etc. In the past three years, the company’s sales volume has been growing healthily with an annual growth rate of 30%. It is one of the fastest growing and most profitable enterprises in the industry.

The high-speed and sustainable development of Hangzhou Delixi benefits from the party’s good policy of reform and opening up, the concern and support of all sectors of society and the joint efforts of all Delixi people, as well as the innovation and development of corporate culture. Hangzhou Delixi takes the Chinese famous brand “Delixi” and Hangzhou famous brand “Xizi” as two wings, inherits the unique Delixi enterprise culture and provides excellent products and services for customers.

Aiming at the international advanced level, Hangzhou Delixi has invested more than 200 million yuan to build a high-tech ecological industrial park, equipped with domestic first-class processing and testing equipment. The company has 1000 sets of key production equipment and more than 100 assembly lines; it has established an enterprise technology center, focusing on the development of high-tech products, implementing technical transformation and process improvement. In 2007, the inverter has become a provincial high-tech product, and the inverter company has been recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprise. The transmitter product cooperates with ABB company, and the automation substation monitoring and management system is one of the top ten key science and technology projects in Xihu District in 2007.

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