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YINRICH® is a professional confectionery equipment manufacturer in china, for providing the high-quality confectionery, chocolate and bakery processing and packaging machinery, which have a factory located in Shanghai, China. As the top-leading corporation for the chocolate and confectionery equipment in China, YINRICH manufactures and supplies a complete range of equipment for the chocolate and confectionery industry, ranging from single machines to complete turnkey lines, not only the advanced equipment with competitive prices ,but the economical and high efficiency of the whole solution method for the confectionery and chocolate production .

We provide the design, production, and assembly of small and medium confectionery and chocolate lines in accordance with the customer’s specific demands.

Product features

1. Confectionery machinery is mainly used for the production and packaging of candies. It is a confectionery equipment commonly used for the production of soft candies, hard candies, short candies, lollipops, marshmallows, and boiled candies. There is also sugar packaging machinery that is often used in the sugar industry. Confectionery machinery, like other mechanical products, needs to be packaged concisely, does not require too much human manipulation, and can be adapted to the needs of sugar making to produce delicious confectionery products.

2. Lollipop production line, candy machine, hard candy production machinery and equipment is a comprehensive equipment that can produce a variety of candies. This confectionery machinery is a continuous production method that saves manpower and space and has strict control. It is made under hygienic spare parts. Good quality lollipop products with beautiful shapes.

Yinrich’s lollipop production line uses advanced manufacturing technology and mature technology to produce candy in various shapes and colors. This is a set of ideal equipment for continuous production of high-quality candies lollipop. Our lollipop production manufacturers can produce candies of various shapes, different colors and different yields to automatically and accurately mix the flavors, pigment and acid. The lollipop filming machine has a high degree of automation, which can ensure ball lollipop production line stable production, save time, labor and professional services, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

3. Yinrich’s jelly candy production line is the best gummy production line different sizes of gelatin, pectin, carrageenan and other jelly-based sugars. The jelly candy production line can produce a variety of different colors of single-color, double-color and middle-filled jelly. The gummy production line can also produce products of different shapes by changing the mold. Such as equipment to make gummy bears. The jelly candy machine is an ideal equipment that can save manpower and space and produce high-quality products.

Yinrich is a jelly candy production line manufacturer. The pectin gummy manufacturing process is very efficient and hygienic. We produce jelly candy making equipment and has jelly candy production line and the soft candy production line for sales. Everyone is welcome to come and buy them.


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